Will Troiani

"As humans we could never be content with knowing all, yet we can't be content with the fact that our brains will never know." ~ Tommy Rogers


A Metric Based on Insects

“The worst reality possible is that the universe is conscious”. Conscious and aware is what was really meant. The first natural accident was a projection of omnipotence onto what was conscious and grand. He had heard of these theories before, how artistic they once seemed, but now the concept bothered him. “We play with ideas, twisting the universe into a donut, bending it with gravity, and gifting it with consciousness. Yet how offended a female doctor presumed nurse is”. A far-reaching gap which one day will make sense. These leaps occur frequently once more are observed. Can a metric based on semantics be meaningfully applied? The space between semi-colons will incrementally fascinate. How does a doctor relate to pedagogy? Spoken out loud it is at once discarded. Out loud is out there though, and here we are inside, internal, the space here reads differently. Dispelling into a lacklustre void result in inside. How internal the external becomes once alone. To put it simply, the man who now drifts, has asked himself bluntly, “do the pictures we draw insult the conscious, omnipotent, universe”?

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